B2B Gambling PR and Corporate Communications

PR is easy.

No, really it is. At it's base level, PR is simply the art of generating free noise by doing a journalist's job for them - by delivering content that they can conceivably use in the media they write for in place of something they'd have to conjure up themselves. 

That's it - but that really is the base level - the bottom rung. Approach a journalist - a million journalists if you want - with a unsolicited press release and you might as well be shouting your corporate message from a street corner for all the success you'll get.


Great PR is difficult.

As with most marketing channels, PR is a media in which the value of your output is directly and inextricably linked to the quality of your input.

Harry has been crafting corporate communications strategies and honing media relationships in the gaming industry for over a decade. In addition to delivering over 60 press releases and published articles in EGR Intel, EGR Marketing, iGaming Business, Calvin Ayre News and SBC News he is also a regular contributor to Campaign and Marketing Week. 


If you're a B2B gaming business keen to make your brand famous in the minds of your decision making target audience then get in touch via Harry@BrandArchitects.Info 

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