Do you want to create a new or refreshed brand architecture without being ripped off?  

I remember it clearly – the day I saw the invoice for the brand architecture and guidelines project for one of my former employers, completed by a painfully cool Berlin design agency.

It cost over 1.2 Million euros – and on one of the pages was a strip of Astroturf.


So you could ‘feel’ the brand, apparently.


Such utter bullshit enraged me, so when I set up Brand Architects in 2017 I swore to maintain a rigorously honest approach with the highest standards and deliver brand and Marcoms projects at a fraction of that cost.


After all, a brand architecture project only takes me three weeks (with four more allocated for the design elements) so charging a million bucks would be a bit crass.


In fact, the brand architecture projects I’ve delivered (ten, to date) come in at between two to three percent of that £1 Million + figure – which is much more manageable for most digital gaming brands.


To give you a flavour of how that’s feasible, in the table below I’ve outlined the five steps of the process to create a new brand (or refresh one that’s looking a little outdated).



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