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Escapism through esports might be leading to societal problems in the future

“All children, except one, grow up.” So wrote J.M. Barrie about Peter Pan in 1911. At the time, it was interpreted as an expression of melancholic fantasy - that children are so innocent that we’d all be better off to remain in a state of blissful naivete rather than thicken our skin with adult fears, regrets and cynicism. Peter Pan, the perennial arsehole who simply refused to recognise any adult responsibilities, is simply a metaphorical idyll – a dream for anyone who fears age and the progressive march towards inevitable death. We can’t revert time – that’s the simple truth, albeit one denied by numerous diet programs, clothing brands, social media filters, influencers and plastic surgeon

Problem Gambling – Betting’s Dirty Big Secret

How behavioural tracking became a ‘must have’ for online and mobile gaming operators in their efforts to mitigate problem gambling Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt was born in Jamaica on the 21st August 1986. A gifted sportsman at school, he excelled as a cricketer but it was his astounding speed that caught the attention of coach Pablo McNeil, a former Olympic sprinter. In 2001 aged just 14, Bolt won his first high school championship medal. At the age of 15, Bolt made the leap to the world stage at the 2002 World Junior Championships where he won the 200 meters, making him the youngest junior gold medallist in history. Hampered by injury, he struggled in the 2004 Athens Olympics, but his reputation

Virgin Atlantic files for Chapter 15 bankruptcy - the start of a new age for air travel?

Like many others, I’m waiting the hear back from an airline having had flights cancelled during lockdown. Having endured an overly onerous process to claim a refund, British Airways stoically announced that instead of my money, they’d be sending me some travel vouchers ‘in due course’. “But I asked for a refund” I replied, somewhat surprised. “Tough. We’re keeping your money and offering you and your family the chance to fly at some undefined point in the future whether you want to or not” they didn’t reply, but the gist was the same. A browse of social media and various consumer rights forums showed that BA wasn’t alone amongst airlines in keeping hold of traveller’s cash. Now, with news th

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