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Let’s Get Pivotal

Lockdown is the mother of invention for those wanting to shift their marketing careers - and themselves Human beings are quite adaptable. We have opposable thumbs, we can communicate in multiple dialects, we worked out complex cognition and we’ve reached the top of our food chain with room to spare. However, in the biological Champions League of Resilience, we must bow down and worship at the eight knobbly feet of the humble Tardigrade, also known as ‘the water bear’. From the heights of Everest to the Marianas Trench, these cuddly little suckers can be found lurking, getting on with their own (apparently rewarding) lives with the minimum of fuss. At a maximum length of 1.5mm, they aren’t go

EGR Intel - Loot Box/ Gambling Interview with Harry Lang

1. In your opinion - are Loot Boxes a form of gambling, plain and simple, or are there nuances to them? There’s no equivocation – Loot Boxes in their current guise are a gambling device. I didn’t think I’d ever be ‘that guy’, but the dictionary definition leaves no room for argument:- “The activity or practice of playing at a game of chance for money or other stakes” 2. What is the connection, if any, between Loot Boxes and later engaging with problematic gambling behaviours? If you accept my point above, that Loot Boxes are a form of gambling, then the behavioural evolution of a player trying to win a certain type of skin to someone chasing down that skin with their last available funds is

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