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Let’s get ready to rumble

Despite its reported £100 million cost, is the Brexit ad campaign the best Britain can come up with? Originally written for Marketing Week, September 2019 One hundred million pounds buys you a lot of real estate in media land, as the British government has found with its current ‘no deal readiness’ campaign. In 2018, Nielsen reported, this bulging purse would have placed Brexit as the fourth most profligate client in the UK’s spending ranks after P&G, Sky and BT, the latter of which spent £109.3 million on marketing in 2018. Next on the money train came programmatic monster Amazon with £87.5 million, Unilever, with a brand family that would make the benefit office wince, at £82.8 million and

When the sponsor ship has sailed – what are your options if you’re priced out of the sports partners

Originally written for Marketing Week You know you’ve truly made it in life when your hobbies demand you ignore the fabled ‘Three F’s’ rule. For those who are just ostentatiously minted (as opposed to obscenely rich) the adage ‘If it farts, floats or flies, rent – don’t buy’ is the first advice you get from your new chums in the VIP boxes. Horses, boats and planes are a liability – loss making frivolities that ensure that even if you’d just managed to claw yourself onto the Sunday Times Rich List, then you won’t be staying there for long. In the later pages of the Rich List, however, where the number of zeroes look like a queue of orderly Minions, the Three F’s rule is apparently less of a

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