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The Landmark Forum – I went, so you don’t have to

We all have crutches to lean on in life. Many people rely on family. Others, exercise or their church of choice. For many, friends prop them up, listen to them and give them a kick in the shins or a hug of encouragement when its most needed. For some people, however, these support systems are either not available or not sufficient for their needs. So they’re forced to seek guidance, encouragement and motivation in their personal, professional, spiritual and mental lives from another source. This is the void occupied by Landmark Worldwide, “…an international personal and professional growth, training and development company—a global educational enterprise committed to the fundamental principl

How to make money out of eSports

Originally published by iGaming Business Magazine in March 2016 To collect $0.5 free skin betting coins from CSGO Empire just click here:- There are some truly epic sports out there, some of which are easier to take part in than others. We’ve all seen the news footage of the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling event that takes place annually near the village of Brockworth in Gloucestershire. An array of barmy athletes leap, tumble and occasionally break themselves as they pursue a rolling cheese down a 45-degree slope. It’s utter madness, but inspires an enduring affection as a supremely British sport. It’s not for everyone through – sometimes even 8lb of Do

The Next 10 Years in Online Gaming

Article for the Final Print Edition of EGR Marketing Magazine Toffos. The A-Team. Guns n’ Roses. Your first holiday romance with Katie from Reading who jilted you for that 17-year-old asshole guitar player from Dublin and broke your heart. And now to add to that long (and occasionally heart-rending) list of good things that came to an end - EGR Marketing’s print edition will be no more. Presumably in response to the Extinction Rebellion, this magazine is shedding the restrictive red corduroy trousers of printed media and donning spangly silver hot pants to become an online and mobile only publication. As I struggled to conjure up a eulogy befitting of such an occasion, I thought it would be

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