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BT - what's in a name? As the telecoms giant underwhelms with its new logo, how important is exc

BT, the institutional multinational telecoms group formerly known as ‘British Telecom’ is the latest conglomerate to inject some life into its brand with a new logo. According the media reports the firm’s CEO Philip Jansen confirmed the long pending company-wide rebrand will be going ahead this summer, albeit reverting to a four year old logo design. Their 2016 trademark application with the intellectual property office shows the letters ‘BT’ in a circle which must seem, even to the most ardent fans of brevity in design, somewhat underwhelming. An alternate multi coloured variant adds some spice and suggests, as with their current well regarded ‘Connected World’ logo, colour will represent p

Harry Lang interview with EGR Marketing to discuss the Gamble Aware 'Bet Regret' campaign

EGR Marketing:- How effective do you think the Bet Regret campaign has been? HL:- The campaign by ad industry stalwarts (and my first employers) M&C Saatchi only launched in February this year so its far too early to see any discernible results in terms of hard data. Has the campaign’s message had the desired effect? The tone and messaging of the ads are a dramatic step change from the usual placid and preachy efforts we’ve seen in the past. This suggests that Gamble Aware has a new mandate to fight problem gaming head on and to try and speak to those at risk in a more meaningful way that ultimately has a greater cut through. These ads really take the fight directly to problem gambling – hav

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