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Fair Game – The fading presence of manners in advertising

Originally published in Marketing Week 2018 My first break into the advertising world was a two week student placement for Saatchi & Saatchi back in 1998 – a fairly unfortunate piece of timing, with hindsight - joining the belt-tightening period of a previously extravagant, high-living industry. Gone were the absurd tropical photoshoots, replaced instead by the burgeoning use of Getty Images and Photoshop. No more lavish expense accounts (under the top floor, at least) and agencies, floating on their own cloud of hype and hyperbole, were having no trouble at all hiring young talent on a stipend and a promise, if they paid them at all. My own glamourous introduction saw me making storyboards

Star wars – the highs and lows of hitching your brand to a celebrity

Originally published by Marketing Week March 2018 Kids. Animals. To that list you may as well add ‘celebrities’ as entities you should work with under caution when planning your next big-budget campaign. Celebs can reap success and insurmountable carnage in equal measure depending on their mood, public perception, behaviour or which way the zeitgeist is flowing but in today’s fame-obsessed world, they’re a necessary evil for some brands. Noise-making digital Catnip for the masses makes for millions of hard to reach eyeballs – these influential narcissists can either be a brand-builders dream or a total nightmare. It’s nigh on impossible to find an ad that hasn’t had its script honed specific

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