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Is this really the best a man can get? The real problem with Gillette’s ‘We Believe’ ad campaign

Unlike many of its critics, I actually watched Gillette’s new ‘We Believe’ ad before deciding it was shite. Whether it was designed as such I’m not so sure, but you can’t argue with the noisy and universal debate it’s generated. By now, you’ve most likely heard about Gillette’s effort to capitalise on the #MeToo movement with their new brand ad titled ‘We Believe’. In it, they challenge Menkind to be the best that they can be by association with the blades that are supposedly the best a man can get. The ad has prompted ridicule and even threats of embargo by thousands of men offended by the simplistic and even patronising way in which the ad pigeonholes our sex as a universally imbecilic, in

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