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Is it time to refresh your brand architecture?

Deflating the bullshit around brand identity and why a new brand bible it doesn't have to cost the earth I love creating brand architecture books. The name of my company alone should be clear evidence of the fact. But what I enjoy more than the nuts and bolts of identifying a brand mission, positioning, personality, vision, values, tone of voice and design style is the fact that, if budgets are tight and you're just starting to grow an acorn, the whole process can be done by a team of just one - you. There's no right or wrong way to define a brand - everything is subjective, albeit there is a best practice methodology to defining your brand's framework within the parameters of what your cust

Gambling advertising, self-regulation and UK betting ad limitation - Harry Lang speaks with EGR Mark

EGR Marketing:- Sky TV has recently pledged to cut the number of gambling ads to one per commercial break, including during live sport, from the start of the 2019-20 Premier League season. Do you welcome this move? Does it go far enough because children will still see ads from Ray Winstone and co. extolling the virtues of having a bet on the match, but just fewer of them? I certainly welcome the move although I suspect Sky, like many media owners before them with vice industries like alcohol and previously cigarette advertising are simply being proactive - self regulating before they're told to do so. Whether they're jumping before they're pushed or not, the betting advertising environment a

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