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The future of U.S. sports sponsorship & online gambling - Interview with SBC Americas

With three casino/sports team tie-ups already, do you think we're just seeing the start of a rush of betting/gaming sponsorships and US sports? Inevitably yes – for better or worse this land grab for eyeballs happens every time a new market regulates with cash rich/ subtlety poor operators clamouring to spend their marketing Dollars in any way possible to simply generate brand noise above and beyond their competitors. There’s still a mistaken belief that a logo and URL repeated a million times is a marketing strategy when in fact it should be part of a diverse and collaborative channel marketing effort. Will the market differ significantly from the UK/European experience? Will shirt sponsors

“Ho, Ho, Woe” Here’s what you can expect to see with 2018's Christmas

Advertisers have spent the year frantically bleeding the tear ducts of reindeer to bring us a suitably schmaltzy smorgasbord of sycophantic cobblers. Somewhere in the middle Atlantic Ocean there’s a strip of sand known as Pig Beach. This desolate, rocky shore is jagged and unwelcoming, thanks to a long-distant volcanic heritage, and if you try hard enough you can find it on the appropriately named ‘Inaccessible Island’, twenty eight miles from the slightly more placid island of Tristan da Cunha, itself over 1,500 miles from South Africa. Inaccessible Island has witnessed only marginally less human DNA than Simon Cowell’s forehead. It’s so abjectly remote that its only claim to fame is as hom

How to find your needle in a genetic haystack

App-based dating has gone beyond swipes to keep people together beyond a one night stand (and make billions in the process) The Telegraph recently reported that online daters now have the ability to feedback on their poor dates with Hinge’s new date review functionality, commonly known as ‘We Met’. With so many features available beyond the traditional cattle auction swiping, it’s hard to define which dating Apps really do smooth out the path to true love. It turns out that dating relies on the certainty of big data twinned with the unknown of the human psyche and a sprinkle of UX magic to create a vacuum of opportunity. To understand that, you need to understand how to quantify a date. A gr

Playing the game - In football, as in the marketing of online gambling brands, you ignore the rules

Last summer penalties raised their head yet again in the finals of a major championship. For once (literally) England’s youngsters held their nerve and came through in a tense shootout against what appeared to be a squad of Colombian hit men prepared to try everything short of a knee to the groin in order to stay in the tournament. A breeze through a nervous Sweden and suddenly we're approaching our first semi final in a generation. The introduction of VAR, seen now on reflection to be beneficial in the majority of cases rather than a hindrance to the flow of the game has made the chancers in football a little more honest. What was at risk of being debased into a game of bluff and bluster no

The A to Z of a successful gambling conference season

All seasoned gaming people I know have had at least one shocker of a conference. From missed flights to businesses closing down as the stand was put up, a conference such as the Lisbon Affiliate Conference or ICE can be a quagmire for the unprepared and unsuspecting delegate. So here are a few pointers and learnings I’ve picked up over the past 10 years and over 30 shows: - Anticipate Problems - nothing , repeat, NOTHING ever goes to plan when you're managing a conference stand. Plan for the best, expect the worst - then when the worst inevitably happens you won't hurl your proverbial toys. Breakfast – most important meal of the day, it’s often said, and never more so when you’re going to be

The 5 defining events in the last decade of the online gaming industry

To celebrate iGaming Business reaching its 100th issue milestone in 2017, Harry Lang was asked to provide his top 5 most significant marketing-related developments or events since the magazine launched back in 2002. 1. UIGEA. Or The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act for those too young to remember that fateful day in 2006, has got to open this list. An act of biblical proportions in iGaming that halved the share price of Party Gaming and many other giants overnight and paved the way for PokerStars to begin an uninterrupted assault on the summit. Quite how it was allowed to happen is still up for debate, but in a country that holds the right to bear arms as number two in its nation

What 'Multi Channel' means for Affiliates

Back in mid-August of 2014, Henry Birch, the then CEO of Rank Group was interviewed by the Telegraph. He’d recently passed his first 100 days in office, and the broadsheet had enquired as to his plans for Rank moving forward. One stand out section of their appraisal stated: “Key to his strategy for Rank will be ‘multi-channel’, a buzzword that is now bandied around almost every industry from retailers to bookmakers. In practice, it means encouraging customers to spend in more ways than one, on the web and in bricks and mortar venue”. As far as the UK gaming industry goes, there are only a handful of participants who have the legitimate ability to push a true, national multi-channel strategy

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