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The boredom of Brexit and the bureaucrats we can blame

(Q&A for SBC Gaming News, heavily redacted from this original version) There are some words which have fallen dramatically out of favour. ‘Moist’ is commonly cited as undesirable and the name ‘Savile’ has taken some fairly deplorable connotations. Put together, ‘Love Island’ is enough to make all but the hardiest fans nauseous. Now we can add ‘Brexit’ to that list, if for no other reason than the UK public is so incredibly bored of hearing it mentioned. Not only that, but the near perfect divide in the referendum means that for every Leaving bore there is an equal and opposite Remoaner, so ultimately a million meaningless, ill-conceived arguments are blathered daily on this greyest of grey s

Why BMW showed its pitching agencies a complete lack of respect - and sadly it's not alone

The manner of BMW's ad agency appointment in the US was disgusting, deplorable and sadly all too common, argues the founder of Brand Architects. This article was first published in Campaign in March 2018 My first break into the advertising world was a two-week student placement for Saatchi & Saatchi back in 1998 – a fairly unfortunate time in which to be joining the belt-tightening period of a previously extravagant, high-living industry. Gone were the absurd tropical photoshoots, replaced instead by the burgeoning use of Getty Images and Photoshop. No more lavish expense accounts (under the top floor, at least) and agencies, floating on their own cloud of hype and hyperbole, were having no

Is this the pits? What will happen when Formula 1 shows gambling ads?

In January 2018 billionaire John Malone's Liberty Media Corporation announced that it had completed the acquisition of Formula 1 (the world’s most popular and successful motorsports franchise for those who think racing is as exciting as watching the M25 on fast forward). The reins were handed over by incumbent supremo Bernie Ecclestone and his minions for approximately $8 billion making it one of the biggest trade sales in sports history. Chase Carey, Chairman and CEO of F1, said at the time:- “F1 has huge potential with multiple untapped opportunities”. Now, it seems, it’s time for F1 to pay the piper as one of the most valuable of these untapped opportunities has come to fruition - Formula

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