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The convergence of actual and artificial intelligence is coming – and it feels like we might be gett

This article originally appeared in Marketing Week in Ma rch 2018 Elise Christie’s recent Olympic failure is why machines will never rule the creative world. The recent Winter Olympics in PyeongChang was a marvel of human endeavour. Years of hurt, training and willpower culminating in all too brief moments of blood, sweat and tears. From the early morning anticipation as the curlers exchanged ends, stones and ‘the hammer’ to sense-defying spins over the half pipe, what was on display was nothing short of miraculous. If an exploratory alien species had happened to pass over South Korea to witness the Czech Ester Ledecká taking unprecedented golds in both the Super-G ski and snowboard giant sl

The Story of the Lonely Comma - Nonsense Poems and Foolish Rhymes

The Story of the Lonely Comma There once was a story It was as boring as sin And no-one would read it So it was consigned to the bin At this sad point The tale would end But for an industrious comma With an image to defend You see, the comma was lonely It had spent all its time In the middle of sentences Despite a life without crime It was used willy nilly As a pause for thought And there in the dust bin It was overwrought It finally managed To escape from the shredder And get onto a desk Which wasn’t much better From there it wandered Like a nomad of prose And discovered the library Where its spirits rose For there it found In the thousands of books Millions of commas Coming out for a look

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