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New year, new supplier? How to plan the least painful change of suppliers via an RFP

This article originally apeared in EGaming review magazine in January 2018 We’re in 2018 already and ICE (plus its cheeky sibling LAC) are upon us once again – how time flies. That means we’re all mired in dry January, false promises to renew our gym habit and budget planning for the year ahead. What it also means is that many annual contracts are likely to have come up for renewal with your suppliers. Uh oh… can you just pretend everything’s fine and leave it for another year (or another colleague) to manage? No – no you can’t – this is on you, buddy. Whether platform, CRM, affiliate, media agency, legal, social or recruitment these agreements will likely suck up a significant chunk of your

What if God was one of us?

This article originally appeared in Marketing Week in January 2018 Adam and Eve had no real use for a new 64Gb iPhone X with double data package. If they wanted to explore, they could walk around the limitless bounds of Eden at will with no need to plug into Waze. Dating was a foregone conclusion, no formal employment meant no email and if they wanted to chat, they could simply talk to each other. The apple that did have a certain appeal was literal yet totally forbidden. That was until a wily snake, oozing sales savvy from every scale, used all the direct marketing tricks in the book, from brand hype to negging, in order to close the aspirational Eve. In a trick mimicked by Millennial-hungr

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